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Our organization exists to Educate and Advance Capitalism as well as to promote the Free Enterprise System!  Our desire as a team is to restore morals, ethics, good character and reputation to all Americans while eliminating unnecessary credit purchases and overspending altogether.  Long term, we hope to eliminate the substance abuse of alcohol and drugs substantially through our cumulative efforts.  “Somewhere along the way we, as in “We the People” lost sight of the historical values that made us “the greatest nation on earth.”

Our goal for you as a visitor, is to give you all the information you need in order to make an informed decision as to whether you’d like to become a member.  By joining, you’ll enjoy becoming both a student, and subsequently, an educator of others!  If Biblical Kingdom financial principals, Constitutional tutorial, and Asset protection through our Trust System sound appealing to you; please take a tour and get your questions answered!  Thanks again for stopping by.


Survival Share Members

Please Join us on Tuesdays Weekly Conference Call:  559.726.1200 / Pin 428756# / 8 PM Eastern / 7 PM Central / 6 PM Mountain / 5 PM Pacific.